Madonna University, Okija Campus

Chukwuma Nkechi Anthonia

Lecturer 1,Mass Communication Department


Mrs Nkechi Anthonia Chukwuma holds a honors and M.Sc, in Mass Communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. she has been a lecturer in Mass Communication in the area of Public Relations, Investigative Reporting, International and Foreign correspondence. she has written many books and journals in Mass Communication. She has been lecturing since 2008. She is currently a Ph.D candidate at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Igbariam campus Nigeria.

Current Position

Lecturer 1, Madonna University, Nigeria, Okija.

Professional Education

  • B.Sc., Mass Communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, 1997
  • M.Sc., Mass Communication, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, 2007, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Nigeria, 2015

Time at the University

  • 2013-2020: Departmental Secretary; Mass Communication Department
  • 2010-2020: Academic Adviser: Mass Communication Department

Courses Taught

  • Rural Broadcasting (Mac 424)
  • Foreign Correspondence (Mac 316)
  • Investigative And Interpretative Reporting (Mac 462)
  • International And Foreign Broadcasting (Mac 362)
  • Principles Of Public Relations (Mac 242)


Internet and women self-empowerment: opportunities, strategies, and challenges.

In all spheres of life, women have been experiencing one form of discrimination, marginalisation or domination or the other by men. The patriarchal social structure in Africa provides a framework upon which the marginalization and discrimination are based. This many believed are responsible for the exclusion of women’s interests in the decision-making process and development paradigms. The traditional mass media many argued also help in the marginalization of women. Anchored on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory, the study evaluated if female university students in South-east Nigeria can be self-empowered through their
use of Internet which can lead to tangible developments in their lives. Survey conducted among 300 female students of universities in the south-east, Nigeria revealed that although the Internet use among the women is mainly for leisure purposes, it can lead to empowering them for sustainable development. The study
recommends that women should aggressively utilize the opportunities provided by the Internet for self empowerment by searching for information that can boost their economic standard, and approach the Internet to fight the marginalization against them that have been crippling their development effort.

Influence of the Portrayal of God-Fatherism in Nollywood Films on voter’s decision in Nigeria political election.

Politics in Nigeria is considered as a huge investment; and so the political lords and godfathers, financially sponsor their political ‘godsons’ to political positions so as to be directly or indirectly in control of power. Since this trend started, people in political positions are no longer accountable to the citizenry, rather to their sponsors. Corruption becomes a direct consequence of godfatherism. Public enlightenment therefore, is required to create the awareness needed to understand how godfatherism influences political elections. This study is hinged on the
Social Cognitive Theory and adopted survey methodology with questionnaire as instrument to examine the role Nigerian Film industry as an agent of public enlightenment plays in sensitizing the public on the dangers of politics of godfatherism. Do Nigerian Films portray politics of godfatherism? Is the portrayal consistent with the reality on ground? What is the direction of the portrayal? Is the audience able to identify the subject matter as to help them in making wise decision during political elections? These are the questions this study seeks to provide answers to.

International and Foreign Broadcasting

Knowing the full meaning of broadcasting which is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience through or via any video or visual mass communication channel but usually one using electromagnetic relation. Its method, classification of broadcasting, medium wave, short wave and short wave, digital audio and video broadcasting history in Nigeria, International broadcasting and imperialism are also dealt with among other topics. Investigative and Interpretative

Public Relations Concepts, Principles and Practice.

The book x-rayed what public relations really is, there are misconceptions of public relations. It is framed at the art and science of creating and maintaining mutual understanding between human individual, groups, organizations, companies, etc. and those who have so many to do with them and or have the potentials to influence what they are doing. Misconception posit PRs as the act of giving bribe, putting on neat British suit, wearing alluring smiles, money unaccounted for in the process of rendering account among others.
History, objectives, functions, problems of PR in Nigeria, organs, publics in public relations, public relations techniques, PRs specialties, PRs case studies, Research in PRs, PRs laws and ethics among others were discussed.


Professional Affiliations

  • African Council For Communication Education (Acce) (Nigeria Chapter)
  • Nigeria Institute Of Public Relations (Nipr)
  • Nigeria Union Of Journalists (Nuj)