Madonna University, Nigeria

Madonna Campus Tour

Madonna Campus Tour

Take a glimpse into the world of Madonna University. Its facilities, infrastructure, housing, and recreational facilities help students live a balanced life, one that promises to advance them in their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many campus does Madonna University have?

Three namely:

  • Elele Campus
  • Okija Campus
  • Akpugo campus
  • Are the campuses restricted to some courses?

    Yes, Each Campus has the courses they offer

  • Elele Campus offers: Medicine, Basic Medical, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, and sciences courses
  • Akpugo Campus offers: Engineering courses
  • Okija Campus offers: Law,, Social Sciences, Education and art courses
  • How do we locate each of the campuses?

    Check the Contact Page

    Does Madonna University offer Medical Courses?

    Yes, Our Medicine and Surgery programme has FULL ACCREDITATION from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

    Campus Tour Time

    We are opn on Monday – Friday at 11am and 3pm, except on holidays.

    Madonna University

    1 Madonna University Road 
    P.M.B 05 Elele, 
    Rivers State Nigeria, 
    Okija, Anambra State Nigeria, 
    Akpugo, Enugu State Nigeria 

    Registry : 09035055624
    Email :

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