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The Department of Public Administration offers courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Public Administration. The thrust of the programme is to equip students with the required capacity for public policy making and analysis. To train competent personnel to manage complex relations in the ever changing bureaucracy and growing business environment through the rigorous instructions in theories, research, policy analysis, comparative Public Administration and inter-governmental relation.

The Department of Public Administration offers a four years Degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc) and a two-year Diploma Programme, which prepares students for direct entry into the degree programme. The basis for the acquisition of the degree or diploma is by course work and research project

The course work is designed to provide regular interactive sessions (contact hours) for the students through the intellectual contributions of the lectures in order to acquaint the students with the necessary knowledge, skills, talent, habits and capabilities needed for the development of the individual students in particular and the society in general.

The project work on the other hand is aimed at exposing the students to the field and inculcates the spirit of independence, originality, etc., which together sharpen the individual students to face challenges at both national and global levels.



Education in the department of public administration covers four major areas which are; theoretical and conceptual foundation, tool and techniques of analysis, specialization skills and environmental and cultural sensitivity. This is why the courses are divided into core (compulsory) courses, ancillary, electives, optional. In addition, any of these may serve as prerequisite to another course.


The rigorous training in Public Administration prepare the graduate to fit in different fields of human endeavour or positions both in the public and private sectors of the economy. Public Administrators serve as politician, advisers to government, administrative personnel officers, diplomats, social welfare officers, public relations officers, intelligent officers, policy analysts, lecturers and researchers in all levels of public affairs.

Above all, graduates of public administration are all equipped to pursue graduate programmes in political science, International Relations, Clinical Psychology, Industrial Sociology and Management.

Admission Requirements

A candidate seeking for admission to run B.Sc programme in Public Administration has to satisfy both university minimum entry requirements, and departmental requirements. The basic entry requirements into Public Administration Department as clearly spelt out by the NUC, and further elaborated in the Madonna University General Academic Rules and Regulation (MUGARR). Admission is usually through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), direct entry, inter university transfer, and inter departmental transfer.

For admission through UTME, candidates must possess five O’Level credits in SSCE, GCE, NECO or their equivalent. These credits must include English Language, Mathematics, Government/History, Economics/ Commerce, and any other two subjects in not more than two settings.

In addition, the candidate must have acceptable scores in the UTME. Candidates for direct entry admission must in addition to satisfying the above basic requirement, posses at least two “A” level passes or any of the following qualifications OND, or HND from a recognized polytechnics or a B.Sc degree from a recognized university.

Requirement for award of a degree.

To earn a degree in public administration, all compulsory courses must be taken, and passed. All courses taught during each semester shall be examined at the end of that semester. Candidates will be credited with the number of courses units assigned to the course, which they have taken. The total number of units taken with the number of courses shall also be recorded for the purpose of computing the cumulative grade point average (CGPA). The continuous assessment has 30 percent of the marks for any course taught. Classes of degree are to be awarded depending on the CGPA obtained.

Even when a student repeats the same course once or more before passing it, grades scored at each, and all attempts shall be included in the computation on the CGPA. Grades obtained in all the registered courses whether compulsory or optional, whether passed or failed must be included in the computation. The minimum number of the credit units required for the award of a degree is 130 units. This must be satisfied by a student before a degree is awarded.


A student shall qualify for the award of B.Sc degree in Public Administration, when he has:

i. Completed and passed prescribed number of units including all compulsory courses specified by the university, and department,

ii. Completed, and met the standards for all required, and optional courses,

iii. Obtained a minimum cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 1.00, and

iv. Met other requirements that may be specified by the faculty, and the university.



The classes of degree to be awarded will depend on the cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) obtained. The following classes of degree are approved:

Classes of degree Cumulative grade point average

Classes of Degree Cumulative grade point average (CGPA)
1st Class CGPA 4.50 – 5.00
2nd Class Upper Division CGPA 3.50 – 4.49
2nd Class Lower Division CGPA 2.40 – 3.49
3rd Class CGPA 150 – 2.39
Pass CGPA 1.00 – 1.49


The table below shows the university senate approved scoring, and grading system

Percentage Letter Grade
Scores Grade Point
70 – 100 A 5
60 – 69 B 4
50 – 59 C 3
45 – 49 D 2
40 – 44 E 1
0 – 39 F 0


The coding are in three digits.

1st digit Year of study

2nd digit Stress areas

3rd digit Semester

Odd number First semester

Even number Second semester


Administrative Theory 0

Personnel Administration/Governance 1

Public Policy Analysis and Decision Making 2

Comparative Public Administration 3

Administrative Law 4

Inter-governmental Relations 5

Social and Welfare Administration 6

Democratic Studies 7

Bureaucracy 8

Research and Project 9

Contact Info

-Elele Campus
1 Madonna University Road
P.M.B 05 Elele,
Rivers State Nigeria.
Registrar’s office: 09035055624, 08135955826
Admission: 08148396740

-Okija Campus
Okija, Anambra State Nigeria
Okija Admission: 08078129083
-Akpugo Campus
Akpugo, Enugu State Nigeria
Deputy Registrar: 08158055206,
Admission: 08058143616

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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