Accountancy Department


Brief History Of The Department

The Accountancy Department of Madonna University, Nigeria. Okija Campus was established 28th April 1999. The programme equally started in the Faculty of Management Sciences in the same year.

Philosophy Of The Programme

The philosophy underlying the course – Accountancy – in this department, is to inculcate a spirit of self reliance in our graduates with a view of making them professionally competent to apply this body of knowledge in their work-place practices; real-life solution of financial/managerial problems; and in rendering accounts of stewardship.

Ever since inception, the staff strength and quality of graduates kept increasing year-after-year, while graduating up to eleventh (11th) set of graduates. The department has equally distinguished itself in innumerable ways that are evident in the high level of passes our students record in ATS/ICAN examinations; and in the employers’ ratings of our graduates (Alumni).

Objectives of the Programme

However, the degree programme in Accountancy has the following primary/specific objectives:

  • To provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge of accounting concepts and related functional and research disciplines, as a basis for effective professional growth;
  • To prepare students as future accountants who should be able to handle high –quality accounting work in private and public sector organizations
  • To develop analytical and communication skills to enable them carry out challenging professional tasks and management challenges in their environments.
  • To prepare these students for future responsibilities and opportunities of accounting career in this era of advanced technology and computerization, developing their mind power, expertise in business decision making, intellectual curiosity and cope with demands of their offices.
  • To implant the need for transparency, accountability and probity in the minds of the future accountants.

Scope of the Programme

The degree programme in Accountancy will expose students to the following core areas of Accountancy: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Management Accounting, Accounting Ethics, Accounting theory, Management Information System, Cost Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, International Accounting, Taxation, Bankruptcy and Executorships Accounts, International Financial Reporting Standards, Auditing and Investigation, Commercial Law, Mining, Oil and Gas Accounting. The courses address the dynamic and constantly changing business environment to equip students with the demands of the current global business changes and equally enable them appreciate the use of accounting results in reaching major organizational decision.


Accounting 100L first semester courses

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Accounting 100L Second Semester Courses

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Accounting 200L First Semester Courses

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Accounting 200L Second Semester Courses

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Accounting 300L First Semester courses

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Accounting 300L Second Semester Courses

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Accounting 400Level First Semester courses

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Accounting 400L Second Semester Courses

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