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Chemical Engineering Department

Brief History of the Department

The department of Chemical Engineering Madonna University was founded in 2007 to respond to the manpower needs of the nation’s industries. The department offers an undergraduate programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Chemical Engineering. It is a five-year programme for students admitted through JAMB entrance examination and four-year programme for students admitted through direct entry.

However, it is important to note that the faculty of engineering was transferred to the Akpugo Campus in Enugu State on ¬30th March, 2011. Expectations are that this transfer will offer better accommodation, improve on the rate of development of the Faculty of Engineering and Chemical Engineering in particular. The department has full accreditation from both National Universities Commission (NUC) and Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).


Our Chemical Engineering programme seeks to improve the quality of life of mankind by providing sound knowledge and expertise in the area of chemical process plant design; chemical operations, production and process Economics. 

Objectives of the Programme

The principal objectives of the Chemical Engineering Programme are:

1) To train Chemical Engineers strong enough to surpass the challenges in the Nations’ Chemical and Petroleum Industries and in the socio-economic sector.

2) To inculcate the basic principles and skills underlying planning, designing, operating, managing and maintaining respective industrial plants.

3) To impact all necessary sound knowledge to the students for the setting up, operating and managing of large, small and medium scale and cottage industries

4) To train students to be in charge, also on capacity building development and retaining of man power in all the nations’ educational and professional programmes

5) On graduation, these students shall qualify to register with the professional body – COREN.

Scope of the Programme

The programme (for B. ENG. degree in Chemical Engineering) is designed to give each student a thorough grounding and a high level training while allowing them flexibility of choice to tailor the programme to fit their personal career plans either for immediate employment in industries, self-employment or for Post graduate Studies and Research, after graduation. The programme is intended to equip chemical engineering students for the application of scientific principles in the production of material needs of the society.

Admission Requirements


Candidates for the 5-year programme in Chemical Engineering normally seek admission through UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) organized by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Such candidate should pass 5 subjects at credit level, in SSCE or GCE, which MUST include English language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other relevant science subject(s).


Candidate for Direct Entry programme in Chemical Engineering should in addition to the above requirements possess acceptable advanced qualification like (G.C.E) ‘A’level, HND, OND in same programme or related field. OND holder will be admitted into year two, while HND holder will be admitted into year three.

Inter-University/Inter-Departmental Transfer

(i) Any student of this Faculty can seek transfer into another Faculty, department or programme after at least one academic year in the Faculty provided the student satisfies the admission requirements of the new Faculty/ department.

(ii) No transfer shall, however, be allowed into the first or final year of any programme.

(iii) For all transfers, a candidate shall;

– Have obtained a CGPA of not less than 1.00.

– All students for transfer are expected to apply to the registrar on the prescribed form enclosing photocopies of qualifying certificate (s), and satisfied statements of results for all semesters spent so far;

– Meet the admission requirements applicable to the year of study of the programme into which he or she seeks transfer.

– Satisfy the faculty/departmental transfer requirements.

– Earn waivers for only those relevant courses passed in his former department

– Collect from the admission office a transfer letter stating the new programme, the approved year of study, and courses from which waivers had been granted.

– All completed transfer forms shall be processed by the faculty and departmental boards involved in the transfer, to waivers and years of study.

– All cases of transfer shall be presented to the senate for consideration and approval.

– All transfer shall be completed before the registration week of each academic session.

– On registration, the candidate shall be issued a new registration number by the registrar.


Chemical Engineers have fulfilling opportunities in the following areas:

1. Petroleum refineries

2. Exploration and drilling Industries.

3. Petrochemical industries

4. Industrial Banks

5. Paints, pigment and Plastic Industries

6. General Chemical Industries like Soap, detergent and Cosmetic manufacturing Industries

7. Food and pharmaceutical industries

8. Research and Development Industries

9. Engineering Consultancy

10. Design and Construction companies

11. Raw material production Industries

12. Agricultural and Agro industries

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