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​Science disciplines are the bed-rock of technological development and therefore of national growth and maturity with attendant contribution to human welfare, health and progress. The training of Scientists should involve the broad strategy of human resources development with its broader goals of social and political modernization.

The training of science students in Madonna University Elele is very thorough and reliance to assure our graduates employment opportunities or an environment whereby they could be creative innovative and seek self-employment.
In the Faculty of science of Madonna University Elele, we have lecturers with diverse and sustainable teaching traits. Through internal pedagogic workshops, lecturers in the faculty have been enriched with teaching qualities that can make them scale the highest peak in being; Committed to the work, encouraging and appreciating diversity, interacts and communicates respect, motivates students and co-workers, bringing a wide range of skills and talents to teaching, Demonstrating leadership in teaching, Encouraging an open and trusting learning environment, Fostering critical thinking, Encouraging creative work, Emphasizing teamwork, Seeking continually to improve teaching skills, Providing positive feedback and teaching students how to monitor their own progress.



Faculty of Science at Madonna intends to create a science culture which will have direct impact on our industries and businesses for the benefit of the common man. To achieve this, the Faculty will encourage teaching supplemented by intensive research activities both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and industrial exposure through SIWES.

The faculty is aimed at producing students who can communicate effectively and excel tremendously. Graduates of our Faculty go on to establish outstanding records of achievement not only in technical fields but also in academia, business, government, and as leaders in their community.


Presently all Departments in the faculty have gained FULL accreditation status by the Nigeria Universities Commission.


The Faculty consists of four departments, namely:

  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Microbiology