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 Programme Objectives

The Science Education Department is primarily concerned with the production of competent and dedicated teachers in Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science and Mathematics. The programme is therefore designed to provide (a) a sound academic preparation the science disciplines and mathematics (b) theoretical understanding and practical skills in the development, implementation and evaluation of secondary school science and mathematics curriculum which meet both the needs of the learner, society and changing time.

Every student in the department is expected to take core course in education and science education, course in one of the optional science disciplines or mathematics and course in science methods, it is expected that on successful completion of the degree programme, a graduate of the department would have been successful equipped to:

  • Teach one of the science subjects, Mathematics or Integrated Science in the secondary school.
  • Develop challenging, and appropriate science and/or mathematics curriculum relevant to the needs of the students and the society at large.
  • Use various forms of traditional and alternative assessment techniques to monitor, enhance and evaluation students learning.
  • Perform administrative and supervisory duties within the country's educational system.
  • Continue advanced studies in science education or in his subject of specialization.

Outstanding Department Achievements

The Department produced the Best Graduating Student of Madonna University, Okija in 2008/2009 Academic Session.

Below is the Valedictory Speech delivered by the student, Miss Eneanwan Ene Jacob during the 7th Convocation Ceremony of November 2010.

The Father Chancellor and Founder of Madonna University; Rev. Fr. Prof. E.M.P. Edeh. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. P.I. Akube. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Father Ngwoke, (Father DVC), Father Reginald Nnamdi, Learned Professors, Lecturers, Staff and Students of Madonna University, My Lord Spiritual and Temporal, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, All protocol observed.

I feel highly elated to stand before all these dignitaries to present this valedictory speech. To God be to the Glory.

May I cease this opportunity to thank and praise the Father Founder/Chancellor of this noble/great University, Very Rev. Father Professor Emmanuel Mathew Pail Edeh, an instrument of Excellence, a great/gigantic achiever, whom the God Almighty used for establishing this noble institution- "A Primus Inter Paris". To him, I say "Bravo" and God Bless. The prayers composed by the Fr. Founder; "Jesus I love you and Jesus I depend on You" really helped me a lot. I encourage other students to be serious about these prayers before they start reading their books and when they are confused.

Again, I say "thank you" to all the professors and lecturers who made this occasion possible. Without them, this occasion would have be a 'mirage'. To other members of staff of this institution. I say 'thank you'.

To my fellow students of Madonna University, I say "keep the flag of this institution flying admirably and amicably as the founder designed". May God bless and reward my dear parents and guardian, who toil day and night to ensure that I am nourished and maintained.

This speech will not be complete without highlighting the reasons for all the achievements recorded by students of this University both old and incumbent. The Father Founder has established a conducive environment for studies- no strike; no cult activities, good physical activities like jogging (I cannot forget the good advise during joggings); good religious and moral practices, like prayers and adoration; a complete boarding school well supervised. The school curriculum is well articulated and established. The facilities are modern and exemplary. The lecturers are dedicated and of good quality. To crown this all, the school motto: "DECENCY IN EDUCATION AND MORALS" summarizes all.

My heart is full of joy and appreciates this noble institution Madonna University for imparting knowledge and inculcating moral values into my life. Is anyone thirsty of knowledge and morals? Come and drink the water knowledge and moral in "Madonna University". I am proud to be a Madonite.

Finally, I dedicate this award to my parents and siblings who it possible for me to attain this height. And to JESUS THE SAVIOUR, I say thank you!

Thank you all for listening.

Emeanwan Ene Jacob.

Accreditation Status: Full



​Objective of the Department

The English Department is designed primarily to give students a good grounding and effective mastery of the English Language in its various applications to achieve adequate self expression and self actualization in the language. It adequately prepares students for post-graduate studies in English Language, Literature, Drama and Theatre, as well as in Oral Literature or Folklore- Qualifications necessary for teaching competently in Nigeria Secondary and tertiary institutions.

Above all; the programme would produce graduates who possess informed literary stimulus as well being skillful inspiring users of impeccable English men and women who understand their society and contribute effectively to its upliftment.

Accreditation Status

The department has full accreditation