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The Department of Business Administration and Management is one of the Departments in the Faculty of Management Sciences in Madonna University Okija.

The department started in 1999 and runs a 4 year degree programme that leads to award of Bachelor of Science Degree (B.Sc.) in Business Administration and Management. This degree is acquired through course work and research report. The department also runs a diploma programme that lasts for two years.


The department of Business Administration and Management is designed to expose students to the field of management and administration including theoretical and practical knowledge by the process of thorough and intensive classroom teaching. It also prepares students to acquire spirit of originality, total being, and creativity so as to face challenges of self reliance and contribute to national development. The students after graduation will be able to cope with problems of the environment and relate successfully and cooperatively with other persons.


The degree programme in the department of Business Administration and Management has the following specific objectives in r¬elation to education in administration and management.

The programme aims at exposing the students to the dynamics of management and administration, which will prepare them to work in both private and public sector of the economy, understand, exploit and if necessary, change the environment.

The programme is designed to equip students with basic knowledge and skill needed for understanding and analyzing in relation to management of business organization of any type.

The students are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for identifying and defining problems and making suitable decision by use of management science tools/techniques.

The ability to solve management problems scientifically by the use of thorough knowledge of research process and procedures for investigating issues are acquired by the students through the programme.

This programme is designed to inculcate in the students an Awareness of and sensitivity to environmental factors and conditions in order to take appropriate decisions.

Leadership skills, human relations, analytical, evaluative, synthetic and communicative skills needed for managing human organizations are also inculcated in students.


Admission is usually through UTME, organized by the Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Applicants seeking admission through UTME should possess the Senior Secondary School Certificate or the General Certificate of Education Ordinary level or their equivalent with at least credit pass in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, and Economics.

Direct entry admission can be offered to applicants with National Diploma (ND) or HND from any accredited polytechnic/College, with a minimum of a lower credit in relevant disciplines. The candidate must also satisfy the minimum entry requirements stated above. Holders of Bachelor’s Degree in relevant disciplines may also be considered for Direct Entry Admissions provided they satisfy the basic admission.

Students can seek for transfer into the Department of Business Administration and Management from relevant courses in Madonna University. Such students must possess credit passes in Mathematics, English, and Economics, such students must have completed at least one academic year in their respective departments.


Every student is required to register for an approved combination of courses with a minimum of 15 units and a maximum of 24 units per semester; with a total minimum of 164 units for the programme.


Course deliver is by lecture and tutorial. The various techniques for evaluation include quizzes, home work assignments, term paper, and end of semester examinations. The end of semester examination has 70% and others have 30%. Final year students are required to defend their project.

A letter grade and a numerical point be awarded to each student based on total scores on all the evaluation criteria. The final marks a student may score, the corresponding letter grades and the numerical points are clearly indicated as shown below.

The class of degree to be awarded is dependent upon the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is obtained by computing the grades obtained in all the courses for the semester. Where a student repeats the same course or its substitute, once or more before passing it, grades scored at each and all attempts shall be included in the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA). Classes of degree are to be awarded depending on the CGPA obtained. The classes of degree and the required CGPA are specified under.

1 Letter Grade Grade Point

70 -100 A 5

60 – 69 B 4

50 – 59 C 3

45 49 D 2

40 44 E 1

Below 40 F 0


Degrees offered by the university are classified based on the cumulative grade Point Average (CGPA) obtained by the student. The details are presented below.

Degree Cumulative Grade Point

First Class 4.50 – 5.00

Second Class (Upper Division) 3.50 – 4.49

Second Class (Lower Division) 2.40 – 3.49

Third Class 1.50 – 2.39

Pass 1.00 – 1.49

Fail < 1.00


To determine the quality points (QPs) obtained in each course, the credit units (CUs) assigned to course are multiplied by the grade point (GPS) earned by the student in the course. For instance, BAM 111 has 3 units, if a student scored 65% B which has 4 points, the quality point is 3 x 4 = 12. Grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the quality point earned in a given semester by the credit units registered from the semester. For instance, if a student measured 68 quality in a semester that has 16 credit units, the GPA is 68/16 = 4.25.


Introductory Courses 0

Management Theory 1

Human Resource Management 2

Scientific Management/Comparative Management 3

Production Mgt/ Investment Analysis and Quant. Methods 4

Business Policy, Corporate Planning, and Entrepreneurship 5

International Business 6

Mgt Info Sys/ Business Comm./Business Forecasting 7

Research Methodology/Seminar 8

Project 9

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